Seattle Met!

24 Sep 2012
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A couple of my photos were published in this most recent issue (October 2012) of the Seattle Met magazine, one of them (pictured) was a full page spread behind the table of contents, awesome!

Great issue as well, found some very cool places I would like to visit in this issue.

This photo is part of a larg-ish set of Port Townsend photos.


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Well, it was an awefully nice feeling having my photo reproduced 1.8 million times today.


A little background, I submitted 4 of my photos to the USA Today Weather Gallery, and a day later, the editor of the Weather Page (print edition) sent me an email asking if I wouldn't mind if they published one or two of my photos.  I said sure, and here you go, Port Townsend, Washington's stormy morning is all over the nation!